Why Fashion Handbags Make Good Gifts (And Perfume Doesn’t)

I’ve been with my girlfriend for over a year, and we’ve become pretty serious. I knew I had to buy him something good for Christmas. She is one of those girls who love beautiful things, look good, dress well, always have hair and nails. I couldn’t just give her a couple of earrings and tell her it was all right. So, I was planning what to buy him for a while.

I knew she loved Ed Hardy’s clothes, so I thought I could buy her Ed Hardy’s bags. But two is probably too much. I thought girls liked to smell good, so I could give her an expensive bag and a bottle of perfume. That’s probably enough.

I looked at her closet on her fancy handbag and saw what bags Ed Hardy already had – I didn’t want her to be the same, I’d never hear her end. But just like hers, it would be nice. I knew how it smelled and knew what I liked, so when I went to the mall and picked out her new fragrance and her new bag, I knew I was doing well.

On the Wednesday before Christmas I was talking to my mom and she asked me what I had bought for Nicole for Christmas. I told her, and she said I was a fool. “Why?” “Because the girl’s smell is never caught – clothes are one thing, the bag is good, and the smell is good, and the smell is so disturbing, and even when I told her how much it cost, she said, “Nothing to worry about! What if she doesn’t like it? She’ll probably tell you in person. But I was sure, maybe reckless, but sure. I said, “If I love her, I bet she’ll love him.”

Finally, Christmas Eve came, and that’s when we started exchanging the gifts we spent with our families after Christmas. First she unpacked the bag. She liked it the way I knew she was going to like it. She hugged me, kissed me and all that. Then I gave him the perfume. She was surprised there was something else, so I liked it. But when she sprayed it, she said, “Oh, it’s so… floral.” Her face fell, and I found myself looking at the wrinkles around her mouth. “Don’t you like it?” ‘No, it’s fine. I’d like you to buy me some Ed Hardy bags instead.