Desperately in Need of Tikun

When I read last week’s article by J. J. Goldberg’s “How Bibi Slouchs toward September” (“Forward,” June 3, 2011), I was struck by the deep hatred that comes from his words; daggers were aimed at the heart of Israel and its political establishment. Goldberg, like many American Jewish liberals, cannot accept the fact that there are leaders in Israel with a clear vision of Israel’s future who do not want to compromise on the core values necessary for survival. The fact is that these leaders have a coalition majority and therefore speak on behalf of the majority of Israelis. You’d think a liberal like Goldberg would respect the political will of the people. Goldberg also could not generously accept Congress and the warm welcome of Congress not as a politician, but as a statesman who approached them as an equal proposition of his vision of the world and the future of Israel.

Instead, Goldberg writes that the negative image of a tired man leaning toward the inevitable defeat that September will bring to the United Nations. According to Goldberg, Bibi won the battle, but lost the war because of her arrogance. Because of his unwavering position based on what he considers to be the basic principles and values necessary for a future in which Israel can prosper, Goldberg portrayed Bibi as a megalomaniac. Goldberg can’t wait for the Sept. He chews a piece, drooling like a voracious dog, holding only the neck strap of a piece of red meat, arousing the desire to jump on it:

So, if the roof collapses on Israel in September, perhaps it’s the cool villain who told them to bring it … And make no mistake, the roof will fall. The Palestinians will be recognized by an overwhelming majority as an independent state in the UN General Assembly … “

Goldberg’s poisonous language, he said, is meant to remind us of George W. Bush, whom the left has so vilified and skillfully used here. Goldberg writes about the difficult times Israel faces: economic sanctions, boycotts, asset seizures and where it will be difficult for Israel to obtain fuel or spare parts for its military heavyweight. He writes as if he were an old prophet, astute, but with an unhappy insight he writes in his heart with joy rather than with sadness.

If that doesn’t work, Goldberg said, the Palestinians will refer their cases to the World Court, the International Criminal Court, European credit markets and universities, while tens of thousands of Palestinians march to the borders with Israeli troops with assault rifles. . Coolly.

These are the scripts of The Forward’s editor-in-chief. J. Goldberg. What a handsome liberal, but unfortunately stupid, desperately in need of this Jew, loyal not to his people, but to the Socialist International. Goldberg, a Galus Jew, fears that Israel’s position will cause tensions in the State Department and the CIA, which will spill over into the media and make people wonder why America is involved in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He fears the inconvenience this might cause him and his liberal friends. Tjc. Tjc. Tjc. It seems that Goldberg cares more about Goldberg than he cares about Israel!

Criticism of Israel’s policies is legitimate, and a position incompatible with Israeli policy is in the spirit of democratic values and exchange of ideas. But Goldberg’s tone and nuance crossed the line between rewarding and educational, evil and condescending. Over the years, I have never been able to understand why Goldberg was obsessed with Israel’s position on peace.