This Means War, Algae!

Do you have a green pool? Do you see tiny brown, green or yellow particles on your pool? Are you going to do it? Tsk, tsk, tsk. My love, no matter how sad, I’m devastated to tell you you have seaweed in your pool. Yes, seaweed. But wait, what is algae? Is algae so dangerous to you and your pool?


Algae can be single-celled and multicellular. These types of organisms are also plants. To be precise, these are non-flowering plants. Algae also have the ability to create and produce their own food, so they really cooked it in your pool – because they can support themselves. We can call it “good life.” Looks like these guys can do a show online lifestyle, right? Except for the jokes, algae are pests for our pools. Don’t let these guys ruin your attachments. Here are a few more reasons why algae injure the pool owner’s neck:

Water in the pool, as you may already know or have seen, can acquire an unsightly green or yellow color. This, of course, means that the pool is contaminated with algae. Your pool now looks disgusting. Boring seaweed!

Algae can harm you in many ways that you can imagine. Eyes, nose, throat, ears, skin and genitals can suffer from horrific infections. And don’t forget that algae are living organisms. If you are infected, they will live within you or on you. Jesus Christ. It would be a scene from a swirling horror movie. And if it was a movie, he’d sell them millions. Yes, NOT KUDO for those who don’t have good algae.

Blooming algae or, in other words, community algae (these are green, yellow or brown objects that you see on the floor, surfaces and walls of your pool. Such emissions are VERY TOXIC and, depending on the severity, ARE ingested. Yes, algae are not just creatures. They’re like Segal grabbing you when you’re not looking.

If you have a natural pool, algae will be bad news for you. They ate and killed fish and plants. They also destroy rock formations. Too bad for your nature? It seems that algae get the most pleasure from you.

Algae can corraize, eat and clog the accessories and equipment of your pool. Your things will immediately stop working when they are filled with algae. Isn’t that scary? That’s all you need to buy expensive equipment for swimming pools, when it will be simply destroyed by burning algae. Come to think of it, algae are something like a plague. It consumes your pool, your equipment, your time and your money. IT MEANS WAR!

Declare a third world war with algae in your pool. Get rid of them once and for all! It’s time to show them who’s boss!

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