Seeking Startling Success From Your Internet Marketing – Just Add This Essential Ingredient to It

It is very possible – more likely, according to the latest statistics – that you, as an Internet marketer, have a PROBLEM …

  • Attract and hold the attention of surfers …
  • Attract a lot of targeted traffic to your site…

-Get ratings from high-quality leads and potential customers…

-Create a huge responsive mailing list…

-Sell enough to cover your expenses (even if your goal is to make a lot of money by doing in life what you and your loved ones really want to do).

If you have any of the frightening problems listed above, one of the main reasons for your failure may be that you are making a marketing error of Xorkian scale.

Many of you (especially baby boomers) remember “Mork and Mindy,” a popular and hilarious sitcom from the late 1970s. Mork (Robin Williams) was an alien from the planet Ork, sent to Earth to study humans. He looked like an earthling (though he didn’t behave like that) and lived in Boulder, Colorado, with the lovely Mindy (Pam Dober).

I want you to imagine for a moment that Xork (Mork’s brother) and his girlfriend Cindy arrived on Earth a few days ago. Now they decided it was time to learn to drive – whoever parked in your driveway.

After watching TV commercials about “refueling” Xork first of all takes a garden hose and fills with water his almost empty gas tank.

What do you think will happen next? How fast do you think Xork will learn to drive? How far will this go? You can be sure that the whole project will turn into a disaster.

Again the car is in excellent condition (except for the contents of the tank), the keys in the ignition lock (csk csk …), the roads are good, the weather is good, the instruction in the glove compartment is very informative and easy to use, Xork and Xindy – patient students who want to learn. And yet disaster is coming. Why is that?

Because the “most important” ingredient of the success of this business is a full tank of gasoline. And in the scenario I’ve described, there’s no gas – only water. No matter how good the car, road, weather, guide, apprentice or intention, without gasoline Xork and Xindy will not go anywhere.

Does this sound like some of your efforts on internet marketing?

Here’s why: no matter how many people are online, if you don’t have the “necessary” ingredient, you won’t have a ton of traffic. And without the ‘necessary’ ingredient, the little traffic you get will be substandard, they won’t subscribe to your newsletter, they won’t participate in your business opportunities, they won’t buy your products or won’t hold your services. . And as a result, you can go bankrupt.

Now let’s put your situation next to the hurricane to clarify the essence. Regardless of the quality of the car (your computer), roads (internet), weather (market), guides (all available internet marketing strategies and methods), student (Internet user) or intentions (to find a product or service) without the “necessary” ingredient your marketing – whatever method you use – will fail. Without “gas” you SOL – like Xork and Xindy!

Well, if the “irreplaceable” ingredient in Xork is gas, what “important” ingredient will make your internet marketing move like Ferrari on steroids? It’s simple: know exactly what drives people. If you don’t know, you are in the bay without a paddle.

Some of you may be a little disappointed that the “irreplaceable” ingredient is something “ordinary” so… common sense. That’s it, but as you well know, common sense is not commonplace. The amazing thing is that no sane person would think to start the journey with a thank-you note full of water, and yet the same ‘healthy’ marketers will start an online campaign with messages full of bad things, things we do not care about, for example, function.

You see, you want to succeed in your internet marketing campaigns so you can do a lot of sales so you can make a lot of money and have some free time to enjoy your life? You will?

That’s the right answer! The safest way to do this is to “be aware.”

What does “informed” mean? It means knowing exactly what motivates people to trade – click, subscribe, join, join, buy – do something. It’s knowing what to say (or write) and WHEN to say it, and knowing what NOT to say (not that you want to hide something, but telling people all the details of how you’ll fill out their tax returns.

Now, as an internet marketer, your chances of success in sales – for example, when exchanging goods or services for money, as well as when persuaded, convinced, influenced – will greatly improve, and otherwise – significantly if you sell what the Internet user wants. Ready to buy and nice to buy! And to do it properly and consistently, you MUST be informed.

For example, here are three irrefutable, irrefutable facts of life that you are fully aware of when you know ‘you know’:

-The most popular radio station on Earth – WIII-FM: What’s in it for me?

-People buy on emotions … then justify the facts.

  • What people do, they do either because of the need to avoid/reduce the pain, or because of the desire to get /increase pleasure.

A successful internet marketer is someone who uses that knowledge – and many other life facts that a person learns when they are ‘up to date’ – to develop every element of their marketing campaign, always remembering that the best possible sale – The Buying Scenario – is when at the end of the transaction IS ALL!

Therefore, if the success of internet marketing is the key for you and your family to live the richer life you all want and deserve, do your research and exercise due diligence and find out everything you can do to understand what you want. Attract the attention of Internet users, which will distract them from their tables (keys) for a time sufficient to read your material, assimilate your message and track your order – click, buy, join, subscribe – right now!