Not Found in Google? Has it Been a Week Already? Tsk, SEO Must Be a Complete Lie Then

Every week I meet people who are so excited about their new website that they can’t wait to tell me about it and how they can make a lot of money on it quickly. They almost jump up and down because they probably went to a seminar when they were told that the best way to make a dream come true is to first see it in your sleep and then visualize it and think about it all. They can do it. .

It’s going to be good to live.

In fact, life will take off quickly because the Internet has so many millions of users and all you have to do is invest a small portion of them to sell your new widget on a truck, and eventually you will become an internet millionaire. . But that’s not happening.

So many people realize that the dream of SEO is sold in such a way that they think it’s easy to do and you can suck visitors to your site as the vacuum cleaner sucks up dirt. E-commerce is easy, easy to sell and easy to attract visitors, but it’s not; it is a difficult and difficult task.

Being alone at Google is hard

You have to get into Google first and that’s the first hurdle – and what a dick! Google indexes about 50 billion web pages and is growing at a phenomenal rate, probably up to hundreds of thousands per day. Why would they index yours? Why should they take care of yours? The answer is that they should not and therefore should not.

When your site is ready, it gets into a really big turn, and although there are ways to quickly get on the list, they are quite complicated for a beginner and very easy to start.

So, when a site starts, a huge process begins, which many call “optimization”, and this is where our type of SEO really shocks people. Now you think that “optimization” means changing a few words on your site so that Google automatically pushes you to the top of a search query when someone enters your product. You probably think it’s a one-step process, and when it’s completed, you’re done. This is not what optimization is, and we should call it “marketing.”

Marketing is a process of drawing attention to your product from customers (whoever they are), and it’s traditionally a long process, even if you only compete with a few people in your area. Imagine competing with millions of people around the world!

The more competition in your market, the longer it will take. For example, you’re not likely to outperform the B.J. if you sell needlework products. Be honest – your site will not beat anyone, if you do not spend a lot of time on its promotion, and here there is a second obstacle.

I’m still not on Google and it’s been a month!

That’s probably the most common complaint I’ve heard from people. They (or we) “optimized” their site a month ago, and it still nowhere to be found when someone is looking for it. You can’t find it anywhere else, so you don’t sell anything, and so you’re really cut off from it.

You probably think that SEO is, and so you decide to end it now before you spend more money. It’s too easy to give up, but you’ll probably give it up because you can’t come up with another option.

It’s not just about SEO, it’s very important in life – it gets too hard, so you go away and blame Google or something. You probably think you’ve been banned, or that you don’t like Google, or that your web designer did something wrong.

Let me be very clear: if you have a new website and it’s just launched, you’ll have to wait a long time for people to find you at Google. Our estimate is 8 to 12 months before it gets something like how much traffic an e-commerce site needs to work, and therefore you need to do something else. SEO is not a magic word, so it should not be trusted at all.

You should also pay attention to other marketing channels such as email marketing, AdWords, and perhaps even some online content such as advertising. Seriously, if the world has gone crazy with the Internet, it doesn’t mean that you should ignore traditional advertising methods.

A real big marketing method

The best I left for last, because here you can make a fortune if you really want. Many people think that Google is the only way to accumulate wealth on the Internet, which completely overlooks the most important obstacle to selling: ourselves. Look at all the great business people and you’ll notice in them what many others miss – they’re good at networking. As a rule, they are happy to speak publicly and are always chatty. If you find a really good internet entrepreneur, you’ll probably find that most of his business is rumor and networking.

Some of the best marketers don’t rely on Google, and so do you. Expect making money on a search engine is crazy, especially for new sites. You need to understand that you are the most important part of your business, and you need to promote it.

You don’t even need to do this through personal marketing. There is even a savior for those who hate to talk to other people in the form of social networks. For example, Facebook, Twitter and MySpace are great places to promote yourself without meeting anyone in person.

You’ve probably heard of a few bands that have left their mark on social media, and their rise to fame is touted as a hit for the Internet as a whole. But it’s not, it’s successful for people communicating with each other, social networks and the Internet are just resources, and once you realize that you will find it much easier to cope with the fact that your site is not currently number one.