Regardless of the position of safety, any bump or pot strong enough to activate a gun’s firing mechanism can cause it to fire. This can happen even if the trigger is not touched, such as when a gun is dropped. Never put a loaded gun against an object, as there is always a chance that it ccw training will shake or slip out of position and fall hard enough to discharge. The only time you can be absolutely sure that a gun can’t fire is when the action is open and completely empty. You and the safe gun handling procedures you’ve learned are the most important assurances of your weapon.

Before you handle a firearm, you need to learn how it works. Learn the basics, how to safely open and close the action, and how to safely remove ammo from the gun or clip. Always remember that the security device of a weapon is never watertight.

When not in use, firearms and ammunition must be secured in a safe place, separated from each other. It is your responsibility to prevent unauthorized children and adults from gaining access to firearms or ammunition. One of the most essential rules for handling a weapon is to always keep your firearm pointed in a safe direction, never at people or animals. Depending on the situation, the safest direction will change, so use common sense to determine this. One thing you should always remember, regardless of the situation, is to never point a muzzle at yourself or anyone else.

The mindset is that firearms are inherently dangerous and should always be stored carefully and handled with care. Handlers are taught to treat firearms with respect for their destructive abilities and are strongly discouraged from playing or playing with firearms, a common cause of accidents. In 2013, there were 47,000 unintentional gun deaths worldwide. “Treating all weapons as if they were always loaded” is primarily intended to ensure that you follow the other 3 gun safety rules, regardless of the status of the gun.

An unauthorized handler can avoid the locked firearm in his spare time. Some manufacturers, such as Taurus, build locks on the firearm. Access to a working firearm can be prevented by keeping the firearm disassembled and storing parts in separate locations. For example, Swedish law requires firearm owners to store the entire firearm in a safe, classified by the authorities, i.e. The safe must also weigh more than 150 kilos empty. At a lower weight, it must be screwed to the floor and / or wall.