Another Kind Of A Fairy Tale Love Story – Mighty Ru-Rin And The Enchantress

Let me introduce you, Sorcerer, Princess Chick. Let’s explore his village full of sand. Usually it is enclosed in the serenity of sunlight, which envelops the whole village with hot air. The villagers call it “The Wizard.” She is the most attractive and alluring woman in the Castle of the Way.

A soft warm breeze touched her cheeks, greeting her at home. She smiled, her eyes were slightly closed, and she looked happily at the wind that would absorb her all. “After three days of travel … I’m finally home. I am finally back here in Putyforth, my hometown, the place where I was born and kindly grew up to become the most powerful witch…” she sighed and thought deeply as she felt her weary feet slowly descend under the white sands of Putilforta.

“Uf!” she breathed a sigh of relief, lifting the pastel-pink veil covering her face. She then automatically neatly tied it to her blond hair in a ponytail. It is made of a special fabric and a protective spell, which she created on her own. It serves as a protective shield against harmful sunlight and protects its delicate skin. In our world it is commonly called physical sunscreen. Then the twins recognized her.

“Rin-te-Chica! Rin-te-Chica! Welcome back!”

Throughout the village it is known that Maichi Ru-Rin and Chika are in a serious relationship and are already engaged. In their culture it is customary to add the last part of the name of the man whom the woman would ask to be his wife.

The mighty Ru-Rin comes from the Vinabas line. He’s as great a warrior as Chick. He lives in Bossha, not far from his village. The Vinobas tribe is responsible for maintaining loyalty to the established government, political party or ruler, especially during war or revolutionary change. He is known in the village of Chika as a protector and a great warrior. But he has a little secret, which he shares only with Chika … He’s a good cook.

“Oh! You haven’t seen each other for long, you two.” Cheika smiled at them and waved to them.

Tenla-Kichan and Tenley-Ichan are twins. They still love to play in the village and know almost everyone in the city.

“Kazezahare is immediately waiting for you in his office. He has something important to tell you.”

“So, I’m gone! See you later and remember that you shouldn’t be doing too many shopping together. Stop being curious, you need to train better to become good fighters.

“It’s delicious! I had just come back and expected it to happen, I was going to have a new mission, and I’m sure of it,” she muttered to herself, looking into the sky. way into the office.

Cheika was afraid of Azarla at the time because he killed so many people. In fact, she also hated him for killing their uncle. She also despised him because, because he was Kazezahare (Prime Minister), all the suitable men in their village had moved away from her. Although they remain polite, they never dared to look at her, except for this mischievous man named Ru-Rin.

“Hmm! Happy devil! Of all the men, why him? I already miss him, I wonder if I miss him too?”

The mighty Ru-Rin and Chika had just returned to Bosch a week ago after a very difficult mission. Thanks to this mission, they became a couple. Their love story, which takes place in the Cloud, was funny, but very romantic. She didn’t dream of it, but they really fell in love.

“I’m happy, I’m not embarrassed by my Ru-Rin, otherwise I wouldn’t have come here at all,” she thought deeply as she continued on her way to Kazezahara.

The couple, their neighbouring village, needed help assessing their rich land. To obtain the quality and fullness of their natural resources, they would have to send virgins, a man and a woman to live in this most remote part of their land for three years and away from the countryside. months, and we’ll see what happens. The par-par natives called it a “mountain of clouds.” This is the highest mountain, the top of which could already touch the clouds in the sky.

Azarla sent Chika on this mission, as she is the most powerful witch. She could easily detect any ghosts and poisonous objects that appeared to damage Parpara’s mesmerizing beauty. Since Azarla is Kazezahara, as well as Cheeky’s brother, he was convinced that no man had ever used Cheeky’s femininity to his advantage. In her opinion, there was no man who had ever tried or tried to insult her. That’s why he was really confident in his virginity.

In Bosch, Ru-Rin is the youngest of the wine-cats. He is the only suitable man in their tribe, so the elders sent him to perform this very delicate and experimental mission.

Chika continued her journey to The House of Kazezahare, but her thoughts traveled …

She recalled the day they arrived at the foot of Cloud Mountain after an hour’s journey from their villages.

Chika left the village at the same time as Ru-Riin from her. It was about 5 a.m. when they saw each other on their way to Cloud Mountain. Since they were both from the south, they rode their horses side by side, but did not say a word. When they reached the foot of Cloud Mountain and stopped their horses, it was funny because their horses immediately met and greeted each other, rubbing their noses. And that’s when Princess Chick got a chance to see him face to face, but turned away. The mighty Ru-Rin, oblivious to her gaze, raised his head and looked up. And she looked up, too. Without saying a word, they could tell each other that they both admire the pristine beauty of Cloud Mountain.

“Wau! I remember how beautiful he looked on his white horse, but he didn’t even look at me.” She smiled all the time, thinking about the moment, and continued to walk to The Casezahar’s office as if she were in a cloud.

Did he ever think about what I looked like? He must have heard the people of my village worship my beauty, except that no man ever dares to come to me or make friends with me, because I am the most powerful witch. They thought I’d be fascinated. and turned them all into frogs, Hmm! She thought of it, and chuckled softly, watching his every move. Her pastel-pink veil covered her face, so he couldn’t tell if she was looking at him or not.

A few minutes later she lowered the horse and began to climb the mountain. She thought he would follow her, but for a few minutes she was the only one who climbed the mountain. She looked back, and he lay his back on the ground, where the grass was cool and green. Several daisies and lavender flowers are scattered on the ground with solid ground and various stone materials.