World’s Best Food Festivals: 14 For The True Food Lover CNN Travel

On Wednesday, the festivities are prepared and enjoyed among locals and visitors. Foods include baked pancakes, brewed beer, hot sbits, nuts, gingerbread with honey and tea. Join the madness on this nine-day Thai celebration with colorful parades, music and the best of vegan dishes! You’ll be amazed Oktoberfest 2023 to see how the whole city goes vegan during these nine days amid a variety of dishes made from vegetables, fruits, soy and protein products, which is why it’s called one of the best fruit festivals in the world. Even non-vegetarians will fall in love with this international food festival.

There are even special events for foodies, a table and tasting with some of your favorite chefs and food experts. And master all kinds of culinary skills at NEFF Big Kitchen to enhance your own dishes at home. Another fishing festival worth travelling to is the Galway Oyster Festival in Ireland. This festival usually takes place every September and the event of a recent year was attended by more than 20,000 people from more than 25 different countries. This festival has been around since 1954 and features an Oyster Trail where pubs sell thousands of oysters and pints of Guinness for three days. A new queen of the festival, named Oyster Pearl, is appointed each year, and the National Oyster Opening Championship requires participants to skillfully shred oysters with speed and precision.

There are also more than 1,000 wines from around the world, which can be enjoyed while walking through the streets or at wine tastings. Expand your taste buds by trying some typical New Orleans dishes, such as seafood and Creole dishes. However, if that doesn’t tickle you, there are many more foods to choose from. This is one of the most famous food festivals in the world and probably the happiest holiday in Russia. Pancake week used to be a rather gloomy memory of the deceased where the figure of Maslenitsa was burned. There are activities such as sledging, horse-drawn sleighs, fistfights, folk dance, puppet shows and lots of pancake-dominated food.

With live music from artists like Happy Mondays and Laura Mvula, and celebrity chefs like Rosemary Shrager and Rick Stein, this is a weekend ready to seduce your taste buds. Head to the various Chef Teepees for master sessions on mixology, fish and cake making, or enjoy an open-air party at Mussel Beach with live fire demonstrations and DJ sessions to keep you dancing late into the night. Another great food event worth seeing and trying for yourself is the Good Food and Wine Show in Cape Town.

The festival celebrates Charleston’s culinary excellence, featuring the area’s best restaurants and chefs. While you’re sure to find plenty of Southern classics like shrimp, grits, and fried chicken, they also offer great wines, seafood, burgers, and more that you don’t want to miss. This five-day lobster party is the place to be for all lobster lovers. This lobster festival takes place in Rockland, Maine, during the first weekend of August from Wednesday to Sunday.

The city festival also offers an extravagant live musical theater show, a grape blessing ceremony, and a float parade downtown featuring gauchos and aspiring festival queens, culminating in a fireworks show. This food festival is a fan favorite that will take your taste buds on a 10-day adventure. Taking place in Victoria, MFWF serves you Australia’s finest culinary creations and some carefully selected award-winning wines.