The Prince and God of This World

“For we are fighting not against flesh and blood, but against the superiors, against the forces, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual evil at the heights.”

Because we don’t water flesh and blood.
We are not in conflict with man, because we are not fighting against the flesh of man, but we are fighting against the evil spirits who have settled in man. Many say it’s an obsession with demons, but that’s not all. The obsession with demons simply means that Satan’s messengers know in which sin or sin a person is most vulnerable and what he benefits from.

They invade the mind and give refuge. They use a man’s weakness to control his actions; many of these weaknesses are sex, perversions of all kinds, theft, thirst for money (greed) for power, adultery, etc.

“And he asked him, “What’s your name?” And he said, “My name is legion, because there are many of us.” “So he goes and takes with him seven other spirits worse than himself, and they come in and stay there; and this man’s last condition is worse than the first one. The same will be the same with this wicked generation.

We are vulnerable to our own sin if we ignore it, because, as Paul said, “So, since we are also surrounded by such a huge cloud of witnesses, let us put aside all the burdens and sins that lie before us. . patiently run into the coming race, “

Any weight.
The problems that have arisen make us forget that the Lord is not imposing on us what will bring us down. Many leave the church because they allow the cares of this world, financial problems, family problems, diseases, and the like to put pressure on them, but we must remember that whatever we went through, Jesus promised not to leave us. and never leave us.

Jesus will not leave us because we are sick or financially in difficulty, because we are not dependent on the wealth or doctors of this world because we share the legacy of Jesus as heir to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Many of the problems we face are not our own, but are the result of the greed and injustice of others, but sometimes we also make the wrong choices in our lives that cause us grief, in which cases we need to learn about our mistakes and try not to. repeat them in the future. In these last days, financial markets will collapse when gold and silver become useless, even then the Lord will provide for our daily needs.

Many are mistaken in believing that the Lord will give us refuge, but this was not His promise, as he said; “Be content with food and clothes.” Saying that if we can be satisfied with these two things, the Lord will reward us with the desires of our hearts. For the Lord is our refuge, our source and our reserve.

In recent days, the Lord has promised to shorten the days so that His children will not fall. And besides, these days should be shortened, no flesh (humanity) should be saved: but for the sake of the chosen (many believe that it speaks only of Israel, but the Bible speaks of the followers of Christ as the chosen (call) and elections of course.) with the children of Israel.) Those days will be shortened.

Against the principalities; (Sovereignty; supreme power. Evil spirits. Perversions of human behavior, especially hindering, as it was considered, a simple and understandable divine plan, which were considered as the object of rebellious forces opposing God). Just like the Lord did. among his angels, Satan also belonged to his demons; some have more authority than others. These are the main perverts who help Satan control other evil spirits.

Against forces (power; power; energy; as the power of reason, imagination, imagination). Feeling that Satan has no power defeated by the Lord Jesus, he uses his deceptive skills to guide people. many of these authorities take the form of legislators, rulers, kings, and princes who do not believe in Christ. These people create and change laws and times to try to remove God and His Christ from the presence and consciousness of the man who fulfilled the biblical prophecy of the end of time.

Today we see it so often that many people have become complacent and have forgotten about this dangerous program. Our courts bow to these people, removing the cross, the names of God and Christ (Jesus), the Ten Commandments, among other things, from our public cemeteries, administrative buildings, schools and libraries; they even tried to remove them from our motto and from our national anthem (oath).

The mention of God and Christ scared them so much that they all wanted to be mentioned or removed from all mentions. Their mention reminds them that they will one day be judged, it reminds them that there really is heaven and hell, reward and punishment.

Against the rulers of the darkness of this world. (Demons, Satan’s messengers). Every evil thought, every evil act is controlled by a demon or an evil spirit sent by Satan to control the fate of man. Sin is caused by human weakness and man’s refusal to admit that these evil spirits govern them.

Against spiritual evil (evil. Demons) at the highest level. (Usually in places of power or domination.) “Satan is mentioned in the Bible as the prince and god of this world. He gained dominance in Adam’s fall; Jesus recognized Satan’s power over this world in his temptation in the desert. This is because God will destroy this world, which is infested with Satan. Christ, who defeated Satan on the cross, now has angels, power, and power. He will judge them when God declares it. Time.

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