Is Going Green The Order of Business This Age?

Yes, it’s not just fashion. Ecology, whether it’s building an apartment, driving a car or eating lunch, is a way to stay up to date with what’s going on in the world. Many companies are now thinking about sustainability, and the transition to environmental safety is one, if not the best, way to achieve sustainability.

Let’s start with what we eat: so many middle-aged people and those approaching dual citizenship (read: the elderly) should be concerned about the prevalence of diabetes, cancer and heart disease. The culprit: what we eat. We may be the most senior officials in our organization, but if we are not careful with what we eat, we will feel as miserable as those who have nothing to eat. Poor nutrition is tantamount to malnutrition. What do you say? Rich but exhausted? I’m afraid that’s been the case with a lot of leaders. They can afford foie gras and champagne, but they also eat what is served in restaurants, regardless of whether they are produced in organic farming or not. They eat healthy foods made from unhealthy oils or fats.

Then where do we live? Are our homes safe from harmful chemicals and other harmful substances? Doesn’t our conditioner cause an allergy that causes us to use steroids and other medications? Do we eat well at home? Is our house using the best cooling and heating technology?

Third, what car do we drive or we are driven with the driver? Is it a hybrid or a consumer of gasoline? Are we in an SUV while we’re just driving around town? Do we show our employees the best examples when we ask them to save energy? Are we going to work in a limo or an 8-cylinder SUV? I even heard the CEO being picked up from the helipad so he could prepare for the Subica marathon. Tjc! Tjc! It’s a shame, especially when our employees know that we are not in the driver’s seat.

What about golf? It has to be our practice. Can we track the prevalence of cancer on the golf course? Learn about the habits of a friend who has cancer. Did he play golf? Do we know how to make this herb healthy and beautiful for our fields and alleys? Yes, they use chemicals to keep weeds healthy.

Call me a prophet of doom, but who will tell us? Will golf clubs tell us? Will restaurants tell us what they add to our food? In the meantime, we are so busy developing our business that we forget that life is not limited to reaching the top.

Maybe we should all visit the places where we work and play. How safe are they for our health? When I go to restaurants, do I ask them if they use sodium glutamate? Food can be so tasty, but with such a chemical follows a migraine attack.

At my recent seminar, a participant stood up to share a review with the audience and with me. I’ll call him Chris to protect his identity. He seemed a little weak, so I left him and held out the microphone. Chris is 45 years old, married and has three children. He was a businessman and led a troubled lifestyle. Working 16 hours a day, six days a week was a small thing for him. He had three assistants who listened to him and could even call early in the morning. Food anywhere and any food with his customers was part of the job. I slept about three hours a day. Weekends are too busy for her to communicate with various community organizations. Smoking cigarettes and smoking were her escape mechanism to relieve stress. Oh yes, he’s become a board of directors. He was known as Chris “enterprise.” Soon her body ceased to stand trial. At the 4th meeting of the day Chris felt numbness of his left hand, shortness of breath, cold sweat and began to stutter. His eyesight began to disappear. Chris then apologized and called one of his assistants to pick up his driver. When he said he passed out. Chris wanted to talk to us, but life couldn’t be taken for granted. Today he quit his job and lives in retirement. Although he looks fragile and older than his age, he is grateful to still be alive.

Ecology is not for business purposes, but we need to start with us. We should not stop playing or playing sports. It is important to understand the value of environmental awareness. A healthy lifestyle is not a luxury, but it is necessary if we want to live longer. But what else is alive, bedridden or paralyzed? In my relationships with successful people, I see one thing in common: they realize the need to lead a healthy lifestyle. They’re really talking. There is strong self-discipline. One CEO I know was an avid smoker of six packs of cigarettes and a fatty food enthusiast. On July 1, everyone was surprised when he suddenly announced that he was quitting smoking and giving up fatty foods. Some employees even made a bet on the minimum amount. There were those who said he couldn’t stay long for a month. Thirty days ago, he kept his promise. He met all his staff and gave life to share his experiences. The essence of the meeting was to convince all tobacco and fat fans to cooperate and stay with him in this new way of life. Yes, all of them have registered and left the COMA. His people became even more confident when they saw his determination. The seller of the dining room was advised to start serving healthy food. Today in this business do not smoke and take care of their health. In fact, he and the people who quit smoking promised that the money they had spent buying cigarettes in the past would be donated to buy tree seedlings. Every quarter they went to land in neighboring areas.