10 Tips For A Successful Online Auction

With the Go to Live Event function, when adding or editing elements, an option is displayed that allows only bids in the live event. All item information you have entered, including the starting bid and/or the purchase price, will now be displayed in the online auction and on the bid sheet. To use this feature, go to the Sales Summary page after the end silent auction ideas of the online auction, click Edit next to an item, enter the final sales price and select the highest bidder. If the first bidder only participated in the live event, you can enter his information once, and then select it from the list of auction participants. You can even enter participants in advance to pre-fill the shortlist of the best bidders.

You may also want to display a blurb or a video on the home page informing supporters about your organization and the purpose of holding an auction. After that, your organization will need to make records of all your items in your auction program. The Item and Package Management module must contain fields so that you can enter all the important information about your items, including the item name and description.

Your participants can bid with one hand, activate automatic bidding, which they can set and forget, check with a credit card or pay money — all through the Givi app. This increased automation saves nonprofits a lot of time and earns them more money. With our comprehensive auction program, you don’t have to worry about bidders leaving early. In this blog post you will find further advantages of the cgive auction software. You need to delight your guests with great auction items and stimulate bids for these items. How can you make auction bidding more profitable for your non-profit organization?

Auctions that have implemented the item function to list more than 20 items or switch to the live event function All auction item data can be downloaded from the sales overview page. The download is in an easy-to-use table format for applications such as Microsoft Excel and can be sorted by invoice number for printing. Take a look at the sales summary download example from our demo auction. Your fundraising auction software should help you arrange items so that your backers can see and bid on items more easily. To make the ordering process smoother, after dragging an item, drag the item tag with you so that you can track the remaining items to be captured. Make sure your backers know how to claim your items if they need to buy them online or leave the event before the auction ends.

Alternatively, you can hide auction items so that they can only be displayed by the bidder and the auction administrators. Please note that after the live event I can enter final sales information and sell items to successful bidders? You can create a “Paddellift” item and then hide it by clicking the Hide Item link in the Item Controls menu when the item page appears. When you run the auction, you can use your administrator account to enter an incorrect bid for the donation amount.